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This is the only paper-making museum in Scotland and has just been updated to include a vat for hand-made paper making. The newly created vat means that you to see how a sheet of paper is made – perhaps making a sheet yourself?

The heritage centre displays a comprehensive story of papermaking: what it is made from; how the technology got from China to Penicuik and from Penicuik to Canada; from the century and a half of hand-made paper in Penicuik to the peak of industrial manufacture when Penicuik the Paper Making Town was amongst the most important centres of papermaking in the world; how the Guardian recently singled out the papermaker Alexander Cowan alongside Andrew Carnegie as the prime example of 19th century philanthropists – he endowed a public library from 1797, schooling for workers’ children from 1830s, created sick pay and pensions for workers from 1849, a public water supply renewed in 1860, culminating in the Cowan Institute in 1894.

You can see a video of the operation of Dalmore Mill, the last mill on the Esk, and browse the vintage stationery shop and see all about letterpress printing with a 60 year old Heildelberg printing press and a ‘portable’ 1872 Arab press, the original flat pack!

The centre is open May 6 & 7, May 10, 11 &12 with tours running at 11am and 2pm. Tours last approx. 50mins. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Entrance to the centre is by donation.